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Advertising Campaign
“Poison Heartbeats”

Every book I write has an ad campaign using artwork from chapter headings together with editorial and reader reviews. Here's the ads for Poison Heartbeats.


















“Blurbs” used with the ads.

American leaders need to read this book: “One of the best books I have read on terrorism.” – Readers’ Favorite

Terrorists try to poison America’s waterways. Can Homeland Security Save America?

“Poison Heartbeats is a thriller that will keep readers turning the pages, nonstop!”– Readers’ Favorite

To defeat terrorism, you must understand ISIS, ISIL, and Homeland Security. Poison Heartbeats, a novel, helps.

“The first chapter is the best of any book I have read to get you to read on.” – Gertie Nelson

“The plot turns an unexpected corner, and all you can do is hold onto the page.” – Sybil Rosen, author, screenwriter

“One of the best books I have read on terrorism.” – Readers’ Favorite

“You will not put this book down. When you do, Williams' next book will be on your must read list.” –Artemis

Terrorists try to turn America's waterways into rivers of death. Can Homeland Security stop them?

“Poison Heartbeats is a mental jewel box of twists and turns. I could not put it down.” – Cheri Florance

“Readers will discover a great deal to put in their kit bag of knowledge.” – Ron Feldman

“A book with monumental characters and a daring plot.” – Readers’ Favorite

“An eerily thrilling novel of what could happen in ISIL's Holy War on Infidels.” – Irene Schyberger

“Poison Heartbeats is fiction, however, it could come straight from the headlines.” –Verified Amazon Reader

“The second story in the Heartbeats series and one of the best books I have ever read.” – Readers’ Favorite editorial review

“Temple at his best, getting the ‘Heartbeat’ racing once more in his latest novel.” – Josef Peters

“Move over Frederick Forsyth and Jack Higgins. Make room on the masters' bench.”– Charles Freedom Long

“ISIL terrorists, government plots, lovestories, you name it … it’s all here.” – Robert Eggleton

“A lot of research went into this book, making it tense and thrilling for the reader.” – Readers’ Favorite

AISD MedallionThere are many more blurbs from reviews, post notably from Awesome Indies, which awarded the book its coveted medallion shortly after publication.

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