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Warrior PatientTemple’s first book was a best-selling and award-BRAG Medallionwinning memoir called Warrior Patient: How to Beat Deadly Diseases With Laughter, GoodDoctors, Love, and Guts. It received a B.R.A.G. Medallion, and it also won a 2015 Gold Medal at the Reader’s Gold MedalFavorite Book Awards in Miami, Florida. At times, it has been #1 on several Amazon best-seller lists.




Temple grew up in Ohio. He was educated at The Hotchkiss School and badgehe attended Yale University. As a journalist, he was nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize as anWrinkled Heartbeats undercover, investigative reporter for the World Telegram & Sun in NewYork City.He worked as an Editor at The Reader’s Digest and was the editor-in-chief of an international news magazine in Africa.He was a creative director at big ad agencies around the world, living in Africa for six years and in Europe almost as long.He and his wife, Kerstin, who is also his editor, live in Boca Raton, Florida.

Wrinkled Heartbeats, their first novel, was awarded the Awesome Indies Approval badge. It was chosen as one Poisonof the best first novels (under 80,000 words) by the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. It won the Silver Medal at the Readers’ Favorites Book Awards in Miami, Florida.

Poison Heartbeats is the second novel in the Heartbeat stand-alone series of mystery thrillers (meaning that you do not have to read one to enjoy another). The book follows a pair of twins born in war-torn Afghanistan during the Russian occupation. One of them becomes a leader of ISIL (synonymous with ISIS, but claiming more territory in the middle AIA Medallioneast). The other is a beautiful, not-so-all-American woman who falls in love with the director of Homeland Security, a man trying to protect the United States from the terrorism with which her brother tries to threaten all of us. Shortly after publications, the book was awardeds the Awesome Indies Medallion.

indiebragIn April of 2017, Poison Heartbeats was awarded the indieBRAG Medallion from the Book Readers Appreciation Group (B.R.A.G.). This is the 2nd book chosen from the author, the first being Warrior Patient. This is viewed as a significant recognition for independent publishers and writers.

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